About us

About us

Noshan teb company was stablished and patented in 1372.We work in the field of importation and sale of medical disposable supplies and devices. these products are related to open heart surgery including CPB, ECMO, kinds of OXYGINATORS, different kinds of cannulas, and hemofilters.

In addition to providing services and giving supports to the hospitals and consumers in the whole country, we participate and hold medical congresses and training workshops for experts, perfusionists, and the nurses of heart and anesthesia.

Our products are as following:
INFOMED company from Switzwerland: hemofilter(adult,pediatric,new born)

LIVANOVA company from U.S.A and ITALY:
(Aortic Arch cannula,Venus Return cannulas, Cardioplagia cannulas, Aortic/Venus Femural cannulas.

Oxyginators(adult,pediatric, newborn) ECMO(adult, pediatric,newborn),Cardioplaygia Delivery System(Mistral),pre bypass filters